Should You Start Selling Your Sculptures?

Stone Sculpture

You might never have thought about being a professional sculptor and making money by selling your sculptures, but maybe you should. After all, fine arts and crafts like sculpture is big business, bringing in millions of dollars per year. Many fine artists make six figures a year just from their craft. Of course, you need to build up a client base and a reputation in order to make that kind of money but it is possible to make a great living being an artist.

So when should you start selling your sculptures? Obviously, when you first start out sculpting it will take awhile before you know enough and are skilled enough to start producing high quality sculptures that can be sold. You also need to find your voice as a sculptor. Selling generic sculptures doesn’t work for a lot of artists. The more specialized your sculptures are, the more unique your point of view is, the more art you will sell.

One of the top selling sculptors in the US makes tin cowboy sculptures that are kinetic and play music. He started making them just because he loved them, and they sold so well eventually he was able to quit his job and sculpt full time. That could be you, if you can find your voice and develop enough skill as a sculptor.

Opening your own business isn’t easy, and there are definitely some risks. If you do decide to start selling your own sculptures you should test the waters first and start small. Selling locally, or selling online in small amounts will give you a chance to learn more about owning and running your own business and it will give you a chance to really hone your sculpting process and refine your style of sculpture.

Stone Sculptures

Experts say that it’s a good idea to keep your day job until your art business is well established. That’s because most small businesses tend to fail within the first year. Poor planning, not enough financial reserves and other problems are usually what cause a business to fail but if you have realistic expectations and are willing to invest time and money into your art business you can start to build a business selling your sculpture that has a strong foundation.

Even though you probably won’t make much money at first if you love sculpting you should consider starting to sell your sculptures. Who couldn’t use a little extra income? And if the business does well and you are committed to it then one day you might be able to tell your boss that you are quitting so that you can sculpt full time.

If you do decide that you want to open an artistic business selling your sculptures, it is a good idea to take a business class or read some books about owning a business first. Running a successful sculpting business means that you need to know more than just sculpting, you also need to know how to run a small business.

You may ask youself these questions.

  1. Tips on how to sell your sculptures.
  2. Where you can sell your sculptures locally?
  3. How to finance your sculpture business?
  4. Sell your sculptures online.
  5. What do you need to sell online successfully?
  6. How to market your sculptures online?


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