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Ancient Eqyptian Sculptures

The subject of Ancient Egyptian sculptures has been a widely discussed topic over the years. A number of researches have been concluded on these sculptures and further research is continuing. Plenty of information is now available online about the Ancient Egyptian sculptures that formed a part of the excellent civilization that ruled during the period from around 5000BC until 250 AD. Most of the sculptures have been destroyed either by human exploitation or the wrath of nature from time to time. The few that survives today are either in the forbidden graves of the Pharos or in some of the reputed museums around the world today.

From a study of the Ancient Egyptian sculptures, it is apparent that the artisans followed a strict convention of designing. They were not allowed to make their own designs or take instructions that did not match the conventions to be followed. The male figures were to be darker than the female figures. Sitting statutes were to have their hands on their knees. There was a strict code to be followed as far as headgear was concerned. It is indeed surprising that over thousands of years there has been a striking similarity in all the statues produced by various artisans during various reigns. This showed the extent of discipline followed by the sculptors and artisan through generations where the same codes and conventions were carried forward.

It has now become a fashion these days to have the replica of these ancient Egyptian sculptures in gardens and homes...

They really look beautiful in the small gardens that most of the houses have. Some of them are resplendent on marble pedestals in the corners of living rooms today. The original Ancient Egyptian sculptures are a treat to see but as a consolation, the present generation can do with a lot of identical fake sculptures that are openly available.

Most of the replicas of the Ancient Egyptian sculptures are made of plaster of Paris or white cement. Metal is never to be used in the manufacturing of these statutes since the original ones were never made of metal. In those days however, the Ancient Egyptian sculptures were made with a purpose. Ancient Egyptians believed in the power of life after death. That perhaps explain why there has been a discovery of almost all the Ancient Egyptian sculptures in the tombs of the kings and Pharos who ruled the lower regions of the Nile in those days. Egyptians believed heavily in life after death which would continue for generations together and that is why they placed the hand-chiseled sculptures in the tombs of their kings and queens.

Egyptian Sculptures

You can also have some of these replica statues of these Ancient Egyptian sculptures installed in your own living room. These are sure to add to the beauty of the place. For a detailed list of the places from where you can buy them you can refer to the internet. The prices of these fake statues are on the higher side but considering the fact that they would be bringing back a piece of history where they would be installed, the price is worth paying. 


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