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Here are some related books on patio designing, inspirations and ideas that we find it very interesting and relevant for your readings.

Recommended Sculpture Books with Customer Reviews

"This hefty volume is an indispensable addition to any sculptor's reference shelf. With what seems like over a hundred fascinating color photos of sculptors at work, work in progress in all sculpting media, excellent finished pieces, this book is a joy to have. As a sculptor and art educator, I have accumulated an extensive library of books in this area. This is one that I had to squeeze into its rightful place on my most used shelf. Whether you are starting out or are a professional sculptor, you'll want to own this volume. And don't loan it out to just anyone, if you want to see it again!"

"The Sculpture Reference by Arthur Williams is a phenomenal achievement. An enjoyable and educational book that I find quite inspiring. Living, contemporary, working - sculptors; what an excellent set of criteria for the inclusion of the over 280 artist whose work is displayed in the over 1,100 color images within this hefty 512 page book.

The quality of the photography is excellent in every case. The alphabetical structure of the work lends a nice rhythm between materials, techniques and the results that can be achieved with them, in another words it is a good read for the serious sculptor.

The most impressive aspect is his selection of unique sculpts; the diversity of which is almost unbelievable. This handsome book already has a few scares from knocking around my studio. Almost every person that has opened it has ended up going from page one to the back cover one page at a time. Most of these people not sculptors mind you, just everyday Jane and Joes that are drawn in. I have many instructional videos and books on sculpting and sculpture, but this one book could replace half of them as an effective educational tool."

"I greatly enjoy classical and Renaissance sculpture, and I picked this set of books up on a whim - they are two handsome, thick, and heavy paperback volumes collected in a sturdy slipcase - and have been wildly impressed. This was a very inexpensive set of books, and I would normally expect to pay upwards of $75 or so for such a set as this, but it is beautifully produced, covering, over the two volumes, sculpture from the early classical period (read: ancient Greece) through the modern day. There is copious text, but the most important and impressive part of this book is its fantastic photographs, often in full color, of the works under description. I've never seen such a beautiful, complex and comprehensive array of sculpture collected in one book (or set of books) before. For anyone who appreciates good art, sculpture, or just enjoys a great and entertaining book to page through, this is certainly the set for them. You can't beat this price, and you certainly can't beat this quality. Don't miss this opportunity."


"This is a beautiful book. It is more than I expected and a pleasure to own."

"This book is PERFECT. Hundreds of photos. Short texts. I'm waiting for Sculpture Today #2."




"First off, buy this book. I borrowed it from a friend and then ordered it promptly. I read every book that comes out that includes fabrication and mold making. This was a well organized, visually helpful and well written. The information in the book is solid...useful for students and those who have already logged a lot of bronze time. There is always room for improvements, but this book really holds its own. Hats off to all who worked on it. This one will be around for a long time."

"This is the best resource I have found for a start to finish guide in sculpting. It explains all the dirty work realted with the art. I would like to warn people who are not interested in bronze, 7 out of 18 chapters deal completely with this subject."


"This book brakes down the how to, I gave me many idea and make my sculpting 100% better and because of this book my professor is now requiring it for class."

"I have always wanted to do large scale figurative sculpture. There are not many books specifically on this subject. I found this book and said, "Yes, this has exactly what I want to know". I find it a wonderful resource. Vicki Stone-artist."

"This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in sculpting the figure. The step by step photos and descriptions of different artists' methods are clear and provide a nice range of different approaches to sculpting the figure. Only drawback is that most if not all the artists are using low-fire clay. It would have been nice to have some examples of artists sculpting in high fire--a much less forgiving process."


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