The Basics of Selling Successfully Online

Lego sculpture

If your sculptures aren’t so big that have no problem shipping them then you can expand your customer base by selling your sculptures online. Selling online can be an exciting way to reach new overseas markets and expand your sculpture business. It is also not as hard to do as you might think.

Selling affordable scultures online successfully is all about reaching your targeted niche market. If you can find a way to reach your target market then you can be very successful selling online. Through an online presence you can reach a niche market for your artwork across the world. This has significant advantages especially if your artistic style fits a specific niche. There may not be many people into your art in your home city but there could be a large market across the world.

In order to set up a successful online business selling your sculptures you need to have the 3 basic things.

A Website

Quite simply, you can’t sell online without a website of some kind. Your website can make or break your online business. It is your online presence and store, a virtual world counterpart to a bricks and mortar real world store. If you are not trained in website design, you should then hire a site building company to build a complete site for you. You can sell directly from your site and accept credit cards as well.

A high quality website with e-commerce capability might cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars but in the end you will be glad you spent the money.

Great photos

In order to sell your sculptures online, you need to have great photos of your sculptures. Even the highest quality sculpture can look cheap and ugly if it is photographed badly. Hence, if you are selling high end pieces and you want people to pay a lot of money for your original artwork, you have to ensure that the photos of the sculptures to end up like high quality artwork.

Taking professional looking photos isn’t really that hard. A few days of reading on the Internet, some simple tools like a photo editing software, homemade light box and a good digital camera are all you really need to take good product photos.

You can take some photos of your studio as well and post them with the product photos. People love to see pictures of the items being made.

A good online marketing plan

It pays to have a well thought out online marketing plan. Internet marketing is totally different than any other type of marketing. It is also the wave of the future. Therefore, you can either spend some time learning how to market your website or hire someone that specializes in Internet marketing to assist you in creating a targeted, effective Internet marketing plan.

It is very easy for a website to get lost in the sea of billions of pages on the Web, so how you market your website could be the difference between selling well online or selling nothing online.

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