How to Use Sculptures For Home

Sculpture for Homes

When people think of decorating their house, furniture, paint or wallpaper will come to their mind first. Have you ever thought about using sculpture to decorate your garden and home? These days, more and more people prefer using original fine art sculpture or even mass produced reproductions of famous sculptures to add to the beauty and elegance to their homes.

The recent down turn in the housing market and economy means more people will be fixing and renovate their current home rather than buying a new home. Hence, adding sculpture to your homes is one way that you can make your home more exquisite and beautiful. 

Judging from artifacts found at archeological sites around the world people from all different kinds of civilizations throughout history have used to decorate their home using sculpture. Most of the sculptural artifacts that are found are artistic as well as functional. Water jugs, food storage boxes, chairs, tables, patio furniture and statues of whatever deities that civilization worshipped are all items that other civilizations used everyday. Now modern people are also going back to the trend of using functional, beautiful sculpture in their homes to make their quality of life better. 

Nowadays, you can utilize sculpture in many ways to spice up your decor. The easiest way is to buy a free-standing statue and put it on the floor, a table or pedestal. One more idea though is a metallic wall sculpture. These are mounted to the wall but unlike a painting, they are three-dimensional. Some are small and some take up a whole wall but these sculptures have more depth and really draw people’s attention.

Christmas Light Sculptures

Decorating with sculpture surprisingly has another interesting advantage. Unlike wallpaper or paint, a sculpture is an item you can resell. A sculpture is a work of art and works of art always have a value to it regardless of the time frame. However, not all sculptures will fetch heaps of money when you resell them but a good work of art will have a good chance. Through this way, you can treat decorating with sculptures as an investment. 

Using sculpture at home isn’t just for fine artists or art collectors. Anybody can use sculpture to add a touch of personality to their home decor. There are sculptures that are made to reflect one’s interests or hobby so you can certainly ‘exhibit’ your own sculpture to anyone that visits your home.



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