Bicycle Sculpture - Celebrating the Invention of the Wheel

Bicycle Sculpture

The form of sculpture using a bicycle as the base is known as bicycle sculpture. This is usually in the form of miniature bicycles created exclusively with the help of wires and are beautifully designed. There are old original bicycles too also in use in the bicycle sculpture technology. The ability to bring out the beauty in these old models with a little amount of imagination and changes are the key points in bicycle sculpture.

Why is a bicycle used in the sculpting art today - this is a question that often comes in the mind of the beholder. The reason is simple. In the invention of the wheel, the simplest of wheels that still existed in human eyes was the bicycle wheel. The elementary bicycle wheel came complete with spokes attached with a hub. This gave the wheel a special appearance of being ancient and modern at the same time. Ancient because there have been better and more sophisticated wheels after the invention of the wheels with spokes, and modern because the wheel is still in use with no changes in spite of its discovery about a hundred years ago.

A bicycle sculpture depicts repeatedly one of the most important things that have brought humanity to where it is today, which is the wheel...

The wheel has been turning ever since its invention and man has not rested in peace. Every little invention has led to a bigger refinement today. The plane that flies in the sky must first run on a set pair of wheels and then become airborne. Similarly, the ship that first sees the water is set afloat from the docks on a few hundred pairs of wheels.

The most beautiful bicycle sculpture that can be seen today is the miniature sculpture of a simple wire framework done in silver wires and encased in a glass case. These exquisite marvels of the bicycle sculpture are available in jewelry shops around every city. The shining little bicycles are so intricately designed that you are compelled to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes behind these creations. Some of the jewelry shops go a step further and have real gold wires and platinum wires used in the creation of these beautiful bicycles. It does not require special eyes and special mindsets to appreciate these art pieces. One of these is surely to be of great attraction in any living room.

Bicycle Sculptures

Even you can prepare your own bicycle sculpture today. Follow the simple instructions that the internet is awash with, and you have your own little bicycle sculpture. The more intricate the work the better is the value and the looks. Most people do it as a hobby to spend their past time. There are loads of resources available on the internet to give you all the inputs that you would require to pursue this hobby. You can actually put up a website of your own and sell your creations with ease after deciding the costs that went into the manufacturing of these bicycles.

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