Horse Sculptures – The beauty of the City In Squares and Gardens

Bronze Horse Sculpture

One of the most commonly used animals in sculptures is the horse. The presence of horse sculptures in public places and squares have been known since times immemorial. Horse has been fabled to be the soldier’s best friend in a war and there are various versions of its depiction in statues. It is believed that a horse with the soldier and one hoof off the ground represented that the soldier was wounded in a battle. The horse with two hooves off the ground meant that the soldier died in the battle and with all the hooves off the ground represented that the soldier was victorious in all the battles.

How far this is true has been a subject of research and many believe that these are just myths. However, the horse and the soldier on top, has been the most common and favorite subject and you will not find a city without horse sculptures.  Whatever it is, the horse and the soldier has remained the common subject of sculpting well into the present century since the medieval times. The most important and notable aspect of these sculptures were that, neither the horse nor the soldier were intensely famous. They were just a part of the normal battle scene and no one until today ever thought of wanting to know the lineage of both the horse and the soldier.

Another of the most modern horse sculptures that can be seen today, is the horse head seated on a pedestal...

This is generally made of bronze or soapstone. Marble stone statutes are also quite common these days. There are horse sculptures depicting horses with wings and horses with no rider on them. What this would have meant to the sculptor in those days is obscure and is still a topic of research. Horse heads and small horse statutes of marble stones are available for sale since replicas are readily available in the statue shops or in auction homes. Again, horse sculptures are great showpieces, and two horse heads on two pedestals by the door side do make the entrance look more stately and grand.

Horse Sculptures

You can order horse statues and horse heads of marble on the internet. There are a number of pages available, which depict the images of these statues. Each of these horse sculptures come at different pricing levels and come completely packed in wooden casing. These are generally available abroad, so the dealer has to place your order to the supplier abroad who gets the statue manufactured as per the order. Shipping and handling charges are included in the pricing.

Upkeep and maintenance instructions are generally included in the packing itself and needs to be followed regularly. Having a horse sculpture in the house is also considered relevant by some people. The horse some say is a brave animal and the only one that will undergo anything for its master. That is the only reason why the bonding between the horse and man has remained steady over the centuries.

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