How You Can Sell Your Sculpture Story

Dog Sculpture

People that shop for unique art and sculptures are usually a specific type of consumer. They usually value craftsmanship, individuality, unique design, handcrafted quality, and artistic expression. All of those things can be displayed in your sculpture but they are also a part of who you are and in order to effectively sell your sculpture you need to sell yourself.

The most successful artists are the ones that really sell themselves and their story. Not the story of your life, although that might be a part of the overall story. But what people are really buying when they are buying your sculpture is the story of the art and your artistic process. Customers that buy art and sculptures want to know why you chose that subject, how you designed the piece, what materials you used to make it, why you picked those materials, and how the piece began to take shape.

If you can take a video or you working in your studio, or post photos of the piece in the early beginning stages, then in the middle of the process, and then at the end you will sell a lot more sculptures than if you just put up a picture or two of a particular sculpture and tried to sell it.

For example, let’s look at a cat sculpture. Hundreds of artists make cat sculptures. What is going to make a customer want to buy your cat sculpture over another artist’s cat sculpture? The story behind it. The story is what brings the sculpture to life.

If you post a photo of a Siamese cat sculpture and don’t give the story of that sculpture, people might think it is a cute sculpture but not be inclined to buy it. But if you post a photo of a cat sculpture and then a photo of the cat that inspired it and tell the story of the cat then you are making that sculpture personal for the buyer and chances are good that you will sell that sculpture pretty quickly.

Siamese Cat Sculpture

The same rule applies for any type of sculpture. If you post a picture of a wire wrapped pendant with a Victorian flair that probably won’t be enough to catch a buyer’s attention, but if you post a photo of that wire sculpted pendant and tell a story of how you were inspired to make that piece by an antique piece of jewelry that you found at a thrift shop or said that the piece was based on a family heirloom and posted a photo of the heirloom jewelry that was the inspiration, it would sell quickly.

When you are selling art, the story behind the art is most important to customers. Give the story behind the sculpture and you’ll find that you sell a lot more sculptures. When you do sell a piece of sculpture make sure that you include a card when you ship the sculpture telling the story of the sculpture. Customers will love knowing what inspired their art and they will be much more likely to buy from you again and tell their family and friends to buy from you.

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