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  • Resources and information on the fine art of sculpture. You will discover ideas and useful tips that you never knew before and create beautiful sculptures without being a professional artist.
  • The five main types of sculptures are explained. Find out more in this section.
  • Complete history of stone sculpture | Ancient greek sculpture history | History of sculpture | History of chinese sculpture
  • The sculptures of Africa are very distinctive and it is not hard to tell what region a piece of sculpture is from based on the forms and characteristics of the sculpture.
  • Chinese stone sculpture | Ancient chinese sculptures | Chinese dragon sculpture | History of chinese buddha sculptures
  • Ancient greek sculpture history | Greek Sculpture | Greek Sculptures | Ancient greek sculpture pictures | Famous greek sculpture
  • Indian sculpture | Indian figurines sculpture | Indian sculptures statues | Indian stone sculptures | Indian wood sculptures
  • For the ancient Egyptian, sculptures were serious business. Sculptures were used to represent gods and goddesses and also to give tribute to pharaohs and influential leaders.
  • Religious garden sculpture | Antique bronze religious sculpture | Art sculptures | Roman sculptures
  • Renaissance sculpture italy | Art sculptures | Roman sculptures | Renaissance sculpture lombardo
  • Here are 4 basic techniques explained and generally used for all sculptures, passed down from generations without much changes.
  • Stone carving is the oldest form of carving. Learn about the common tools use for carving stone sculptures.
  • Bronze sculptures are the most popular type of sculptures. How bronze casting are popularised by sculpture artists?
  • This page will explain the seven commonly used methods of wood carving. Each one is used to create a different type of effect.
  • Casting is very well known type of sculpture. You will read about 4 common casting methods used by professional sculptors.
  • Learning to sculpt begins with learning to draw. After a good foundation in drawing comes modeling. After modeling you will need to learn actual sculpting techniques.
  • What are the essential sculpture tools especially for beginners. There are 10 tools that you require to begin your journey to creatng beautiful sculptures.
  • Do you want to know what are the few main materials that sculptors commonly keep in their studios? You will learn about it in this section.
  • What and who are the professional sculpting organisations & groups that are essential in the sculpting world?
  • Some useful tips you may discover in this section in various sculptures such as sand sculptures, stone sculptures, ice sculptures, wire sculptures, metal sculptures and photo sculptures.
  • Abstract sculpture is to be understood by persons who have a love for the form of intricate complexities and the refinements involved therein. Abstract sculpture impresses the mind of those who are seeking peace in a world of turmoil.
  • A bicycle sculpture depicts repeatedly one of the most important things that have brought humanity to where it is today, which is the wheel.
  • In all cultures there is such a form of art like clay sculpture but there are cultures and countries in which clay sculpture is unique.
  • Most of the Egyptian sculptures have been destroyed either by human exploitation or the wrath of nature from time to time. The few that survives today are either in the forbidden graves of the Pharos or in some of the reputed museums around the world today.
  • Another of the most modern horse sculptures that can be seen today, is the horse head seated on a pedestal. This is generally made of bronze or soapstone.
  • The sculptures of figurines with water pitchers standing in the middle of a pool, pouring water into the pool is one more of the common garden sculptures seen today. It gives a sense of great beauty to the place and people look at such a house with a great amount of respect and dignity.
  • Ice sculptures often don’t get included when the art of sculpture is being talked about but ice sculptures are a legitimate art form and can be quite amazing.
  • Some of the best kinetic sculptures that exist in the world are the ones that are continuously moving and are on big monuments, buildings and historical places.
  • When you start making living sculptures whether it’s human or wildlife sculptures, you want them to look as realistic as possible.
  • Making metal sculptures is not something that a beginner at sculpting should attempt. The difficulty with making metal sculptures is that metal is very hard to work with.
  • Apart from the public display of statues by the respective local bodies and municipalities, outdoor sculptures are also available for sale to private individuals and outsiders.
  • Photo sculptures are sculptures made from photos. How to make photo sculptures? Read this section to learn more about it.
  • Sand sculpting, like ice sculpting, is a particular artistic form of sculpting that isn’t permanent. Even though sand sculpting isn’t considered to be traditional sculpting it is still a very popular form of sculpting.
  • Stone sculpture is the oldest form of sculpting known to man, therefore many stone carving techniques have become extremely refined.
  • For many years, the art of wire sculptures including wire jewelry diminished and almost died out entirely but now it’s back with a vengeance and getting very popular.
  • Wooden sculptures are the most commonly found form of sculpture today and have been in existence for centuries.
  • Most of the Christmas light sculptures are made of rugged aluminum tubes and rails with densely populated LED lamps. The entire equipment does not require too much of maintenance and upkeep.
  • When you choose sculptures, it is vital to take note of your room's design, color and existing furniture so that it will be proportionate and balance.
  • What is the favored home decorating ideas? How to use sculptures to for home decorating and make it stand out.
  • You will find room decorating ideas and tips here how you can use sculpture to change the look of your room.
  • Decorating with sculpture is an easy way to dress up your patio or garden. What is the best garden sculpture or contemporary garden sculpture best suits your garden?
  • You might never have thought about being a professional sculptor and making money by selling your sculptures. Probably it's time that you should do so.
  • The best way to learn how to run an art business or to sell sculpture is to learn from people that have done it.
  • There are lots of places that you can sell your sculptures, but the vital thing is to get them to right kind of buyers.
  • What people are really buying when they are buying your sculpture is the story of the art and your artistic process.
  • Through an online presence, you can reach a niche market for your artwork and sculpture across the world. Learn more how you could do this here.
  • When it comes to marketing your sculptures online, it is vital to find and identify your niche market and it needs to be marketed like any other products.
  • There are existing online art and crafts sites served as marketplace. These great sites have everything you need to sell your sculptures online.
  • Discover places you never knew where you can get grants to start your sculpture business.
  • We have handpicked some of our personal favourite sculpture book and some reviews on it. You will find other sculpture related books as well.
  • Stay on top of the latest articles on sculpting, sculpture and techniques from around the globe.
  • Why did we set up this website? We once don't know where to start but interested to creating beautiful sculptures like many of you.
  • Simple steps to submit your site to us & also linking AboutSculpture.com to your website.

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